Placement Exam

Any student may take the Placement Exam to test out of the German requirement or to determine what level of German (elementary, intermediate, or advanced) to enter, if the student has not already taken the Advanced Placement Test in German.

Call the Language Learning Center at (530) 752-1508 the day before, and make a reservation to take the placement exam. Arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time at the Language Learning Center which is located in 53 Olson Hall. For information about the test format and to see a demo, visit the Language Learning Center web site, click on "Services" in the left navigation, and then click on "Placement examinations" in the list of services.

What to Expect

  1. You may only take the exam ONCE.
  2. The exam is computerized, takes about one hour and is very user-friendly.
  3. You will receive your results immediately.