Summer Sessions 2014

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Summer Session I  (June 23 - August 1)

German 1. Elementary German (5 units)
Cameron Mortimer

MTWRF 10:00-11:40A
205 Wellman
CRN 53636

Course Description: This is an introduction to German grammar and development of all language skills in a cultural context with special emphasis on communication.

Course Placement: Students who have successfully completed, with a C- or better, German 2 or 3 in the 10th or higher grade in high school may receive unit credit for this course on a P/NP grading basis only. Although a passing grade will be charged to the student's P/NP option, no petition is required. All other students will receive a letter grade unless a P/NP petition is filed. For more information, please contact the instructor or the German staff adviser directly.

GE credit (Old): None.
GE credit (New): Arts & Humanities and World Cultures.

Format: Discussion; Laboratory.


Option 1:
- Textbook: Vorsprung 3rd edition (loose-leaf or bound) by Thomas Lovik, Douglas Guy and Monika Chavez (Heinle Cengage Learning, 2013)
- a Quia Access Code for all of the homework and lab assignments (course code provided by instructor)

Option 2:
- eBook version of Vorsprung 3rd edition (order ISBN10:1-133-60735-7 at; it should cost about $117). If you are considering the eBook, you must be sure that you can bring your ipad/laptop to class every day.
- a Quia Access Code for all of the homework and lab assignments (course code provided by instructor).

German 112. Movies Go to War: Hollywood vs. Germany (4 units)   IN ENGLISH
Amila Becirbegovic

TWR 12:10-1:50P
1020 Wickson
CRN 53556

Course Description: This course offers a comprehensive analysis of historical and visual representations of WWII and the Holocaust in Hollywood Cinema and Post-Unification (1990-present) German films. This interdisciplinary study of German culture and mediated memory after the Third Reich (1933-45) aims to foster a sense of appreciation for how films narrate history and focuses on the representation of Hitler and Nazi Germany. Themes and concepts to be analyzed include: the questions regarding war as a topic of comedy, victim-perpetrator dichotomies, stereotypes and presuppositions about Nazi Germany, as well as the figure of the war hero. The list of films shown in class includes, but is not limited to: Inglorious Basterds (2009), The Reader (2008), Downfall (2004), Sophie Scholl - The Final Days (2005) and My Führer –  The Really Truest Truth about Adolf Hitler (2007). Material to be discussed in addition to these films includes excerpts from literary texts, graphic novels and various contemporary artistic representations.

Prerequisite: None.

GE credit (Old): Arts & Humanities and Writing Experience.
GE credit (New): Arts & Humanities and World Cultures.

Format: Lecture/Discussion; Writing.


  • None

Summer Session II  (August 4 - September 12)

German 3. Elementary German has been cancelled.