Summer Session 2010

Session 1

German 118C: Hitler's Germany (4 Units)

Winder McConnell, Professor (TR 8:00-10:30, 233 Wellman) CRN 51553

This is an interdisciplinary study of German society and culture during the Third Reich (1933-45); readings in aesthetics, history, and philosophy; study of Fascist culture in literature, film, architecture, and the graphic arts; focus on everyday life in Hitler's Germany.
Topics that will be covered as follows: 1) Historical Background: Germany 1914-1933; 1933-1945 2) Hitler's Concept of the Aesthetic 3) Architecture in National Socialist Germany 4) Art and Literature in National Socialist Germany 5) Sculpture in National Socialist Germany 6) Music and Film in National Socialist Germany 7) Traditionalism (Hitler; Rosenberg) vs. Modernity (Goebbels) 8) Propaganda as Art 9) The Concept of the Elite 10) National Socialism and the Occult.

Prerequisite: None. (Knowledge of German is not required.)


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Session 2

German 119: Fiction to Film (4 Units)

Harriet Jernigan, Lecturer (MWF 11:00-1:15, 235 Wellman) CRN 80207

Examines a number of film adaptations of major German prose works and plays to ascertain the types of changes involved in the shift in medium and the positive and negative effects achieved by such transferences.

Prerequisite: None. (Knowledge of German is not required.)


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Special Session

German 1A: Accelerated Intensive Elementary German (15 Units)

STAFF (MTWRF 12:10-2:40, 144 Olson) CRN 53169

This is a special 12-week accelerated, intensive summer session course that combines the work of courses 1, 2, and 3. Introduction to German grammar and development of all language skills in a cultural context with emphasis on communication.

This special program begins on June 21, 2010 and ends on September 10, 2010. NOTE: This program extends into Session II, but you must enroll in Session I.

For more information, contact the Main Office at 530-752-4999.

Prerequisite: None. (IMPORTANT: This is not open to students who have completed German 1, 2, or 3 or equivalent course.)


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