A Fantastical book cover for Queen of Snails, a young girl rides atop a giant snail

Upcoming Event - Maureen Burdock - Queen of Snails: A Graphic Memoir about War, Violence, and Transgenerational Trauma

A Flyer for the upcoming Zoom talk with Maureen Burdock

Register for this zoom event here: https://ucdavis.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJAsd-yprTMiHtdOCmjyfVAM3q7KRunc4PRr

Maureen Burdock is a graphic storyteller and scholar. She is the author of Queen of Snails, a graphic memoir about gendered experiences of violence and displacement across generations (Graphic Mundi, November 2022) and Feminist Fables for the Twenty-first Century: The F Word Project, a series of graphic fables that address gender based violence (McFarland Books, 2015).

Burdock has published shorter graphic narratives and peer-reviewed essays about comics, life writing, memory, and transgenerational trauma and wisdom. She earned her PhD in cultural studies from UC Davis in 2021. Burdock lives with her wife and boxer dog in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Elisabeth Krimmer is Professor of German at the University of California, Davis

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