Current Graduate Courses

Spring 2021

GER 241—The German Drama
Professor Gail Finney

Studies German theater that opposes the classical drama of Goethe, Schiller, Grillparzer, and others who adhere to the conventions established by Aristotle’s Poetics. Topics such as the following will be explored: the attractions and limitations of Aristotelian theory; romantic irony in the theater; the proletarian protagonist; politics and drama; the grotesque on stage; the doctrine of epic theater and its sexualization; the dramatic parable; women as playwrights; the critical folk play; socialist feminism and theater. Plays will be illuminated by theoretical and critical writings.
Course format: Seminar – 3 hours, Term paper.
Prerequisite: Graduate standing or consent of instructor.
Authors such as the following will be treated:

Georg Büchner

J.M.R. Lenz

Ludwig Tieck

Gerhart Hauptmann

Frank Wedekind

Marieluise Fleißer

Bertolt Brecht

Max Frisch

Elfriede Jelinek

Fall 2021

GER 285: Middle High German Lit
Prof. Carlee Arnett
Tuesdays, 1:10-4:00

Middle High German Literature is a survey of the writings of the High Middle Ages.  We will cover topics such as courtly love and chivalry, by reading an epic poem.  We will also look at other genres of the time that reflect the culture of the time.  These might include the poems and the lives of the travelling entertainers who wrote them or letters that show the life of a family.  The poems and epics are meant to entertain but they also have a larger function in society that we can explore.  No knowledge of German or Middle High German is required.

GER 297: Special Topics in German Lit
Prof. Chunjie Zhang
Thursdays, 1:10-4:00


This graduate seminar will survey imperialism and colonialism and their relationship to (primarily German-language) literature and culture from the eighteenth to the twentieth century. Major themes include scientific expedition, theory of race, the exhibition of empire, world literature, and migration. Theoretical readings include works by John Locke, Johann Gottfried Herder, Edmund Burke, Charles Darwin, Edward Said, Homi Bhabha, Aamir Mufti, Linda Smith, and Achille Mbembe. Literary works include Karl May, Joseph Conrad, Franz Kafka, Peter Altenberg, and Ilija Trojanow.  

GER 390A: Teaching of German in College
Kirsten Harjes
Thursdays, 5:10-6:30

CRN: 52954

Lecture & Discussion: 2 hours, in addition to: consent to regular classroom observations, participation in the peer observation program, biweekly meetings to create testing and other classroom materials. Prerequisite(s): Graduate standing or consent of instructor. Required of all teaching assistants. (S/U grading only.)